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Embed updated to version 3.0

Tuesday 6th February 2018

The focus of this major update has been to add support for more content types, which several users have kindly sponsored through generous contributions.

You can now embed Google AdSense adverts, CSV files (these are converted to HTML tables), Google Doc’s, Microsoft Office documents, OpenOffice documents, responsive Tumult Hype animations, and Pages documents. Video support has been extended, with options for TED, Vimeo, DailyMotion and YouTube HTML5. PDF support has been improved; with particular emphasis on better handling of multi-page PDF files on iOS.

This screenshot shows the choice of content types now available in version 3:

In addition to many new content types being added, some of the underlying source code has been changed to yield better performance in Stacks 3.5 and above.

Embed remains a free stack to download and use in your projects. It is an incredibly useful stack that can help you get lots of different content types safely embedded into your webpages; without needing to use complicated code or expensive plugins. Although you can sometimes get certain content types embedded quickly in webpages, Embed can assist you in making the content responsive and removing things like ugly borders or buttons.

As always, if you find this stack useful, please make a contribution to help offset ongoing support and development costs. :-)

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AnimateIt updated to version 2.1.0

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Need an easy and efficient way to add attractive animation effects to your webpages? AnimateIt could be exactly what you’re looking for!

This free update adds a ‘delay‘ setting; letting you delay an animation effect.

You can read more about the AnimateIt stack on the product page or see the original announcement on the RapidWeaver forums here.

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Paperless updated to version 1.1.0

Friday 19th January 2018

Changes in this free update for Paperless include:

  • It is now possible to apply live filters via URL query strings / parameters, as the page loads. e.g.
  • Live filtering is now enabled by default in the stack settings
  • Support has been added for detection of up-to five custom file extensions, with options to change their icon / colour

Please download this update via automatic updates in RapidWeaver or from your secure Paddle account.

Want to learn more about Paperless? See the product page here. A free demo version is available to download.

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InstaViewer stack updated to version 2.3.0

Monday 15th January 2018

Changes in this free update for InstaViewer include:

  • Fixed support for lightbox images, now that Instagram has begun appending extensions and other meta data onto images
  • Added a ‘missingURL’ meta tag to the stack, for Stacks 3.5
  • Revised the stack sub title slightly
  • You can now control the number of thumbnails and lightboxed images shown, using a built-in slider in the stack settings

You can obtain this update via automatic updates in RapidWeaver / Stacks or from your Paddle account.

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Introducing the new SelectNav stack

Thursday 11th January 2018

A need recently arose (in a website I was updating for a client) to display a long list of links, about 60 in total to start. A normal drop-down menu or sidebar block menu wasn’t suitable to use. The list of links needed to be fast for users to access on any device and fully compliant with WAI guidelines for accessibility.

I opted to go the route of an HTML select menu. Normally these are only suitable to use inside forms, but with a tiny bit of Javascript it is possible to repurpose them as a very effective website navigation component.

SelectNav is available to download from the Stacks4Stacks website. It is a good solution for presenting a long list of webpage or file download links. Items within the select menu can be dragged into any order and it’s possible to sub-categorise them too with ‘option groups’. A simple yet very effective stack.

The button to trigger the option select menu carries a couple of style and colour settings. As normal, the styling of the option select menu itself is the responsibility of the browser or operating system.

The SelectNav stack is provided as a free download. But as always, if you get any use from the stack a small donation is very much appreciated and ensures we can continue to offer you support and updates going forward.

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Saturday 30th December 2017

Embedded image

The Stacks4Stacks blog turned 2 today! Although of course, we did have a blog a long time before this. Lots of people often ask what we are using for the latest blog setup. The simple answer is that new blog posts are made using Tumblr and we embed them into the Stacks4Stacks blog page using the free MicroBlog stack.

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Introducing Locator Stack

Monday 27th November 2017

Want to show your website users the locations of your business or multiple outlets? How about giving website users information like contact details, opening times, street view and realtime travel and directions for these locations? The new Locator stack could be what you need!

Sure you can use any other map addon for RapidWeaver, but that tends to be rather boring. In this day and age of AR (augmented reality), many modern businesses are beginning to embrace new technology to give customers realtime location information. And it needs to be something that looks and works great on all newer web browsers.

On the surface, this is a store locator. Users to your website or webapp can type their current location in the search box (auto location is supported too on SSL) and see a list of locations sorted by nearest first. Locator is using the latest Google Maps API v3 and a clever geocoder to query customer locations against your database. A whole host of powerful settings exist within Locator, to customise the user interface.

Locator supports unlimited locations. For example you could be a single, independent guitar shop on the edge of town or a global manufacturer selling products available worldwide in thousands of different stores. This location data can either be generated from a Google Earth KLM export (very easy), or you can code it yourself in simple XML format (a bit harder, but recommended). Step-by-step directions only work for XML sources.

The search box and list of locations are totally optional. You can easily toggle these off; meaning that Locator can double as a normal Google Maps stack. Lots of other style options can be changed, including the presentation of locations in the list, map points, the search box and all label localisations. Many settings to play with.

This stack came about out of need, not desire. Within the RapidWeaver community, a store locator stack has been in demand for a long time. I had a requirement to create a store locator for 2 private clients. Pre-existing map addons fell a long way short of what I wanted. Locator has been meticulously designed, developed and tested for real websites since July.

Please have patience! This is NOT a typical stack you drag and drop into a webpage and instantly have a store locator in less than 30 seconds. This is an expert-grade stack intended for semi professional RapidWeaver users. Carefully read the instructions and create a Google Maps API key. Then generate your map data and feed it into Locator. Adjust the settings accordingly (to suit your requirements) and preview the output. You should finish with an incredibly sophisticated store locator powered by Google Maps. One which easily beats the price and feature set of Wordpress equivalents!

As always, a free demo version is provided for download. You can use this to fully evaluate Locator without time or feature constraints, before committing to a purchase. Stacks 3.5 is required.

You can use this stack in as many personal and commercial websites as you want. If you are building websites for clients, this stack could make you their favourite web designer!

Until Saturday 2nd December 2017, Locator is 50% off, as part of our wider Black Friday promo. That’s a lot of stack for $10 USD!

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PaddleBoard stack updated to version 1.2.0

Thursday 23rd November 2017

Changes in this free update include:-

  • New icons
  • Added support for pre-filled coupons, useful for Black Friday etc.
  • A new input box to enter custom messages you want displayed on the checkout
  • Minor improvements to the display of the stack in edit mode
  • Removed surplus style / background / layout options that were not needed in the HUD

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ShakeIt v3 released

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Formally developed by Tsooj Media, the ShakeIt stack has received a major ‘shake-up’ and received a complete rewrite with various new features. The stack is now quicker and easier to deploy in websites. Its pure-CSS animation effects make it an excellent compliment for use in modern websites; where fast page loading and smooth animations are essential.

ShakeIt supports ten shaking velocities and styles. You can have ShakeIt run constantly (with the option to pause on mouseover) or only have ShakeIt do its thing on hover!

This stack is useful to grab the attention of website visitors. It can work great for subheadings, call to action buttons, Font Awesome icons, simple text, badges and images. As well as animating content you drag and drop into ShakeIt, this stack can also be configured to shake other elements on the page.

ShakeIt v3 is a free update for all existing users. Grab the latest version from your Paddle account or get in contact with your original receipt / download link to exchange it for a 100% coupon code for this newest version.

If you are new to ShakeIt, be sure to download the free demo version and read the documentation for the stack here.

Upcoming discounts
November is traditionally the month for steep discounting. A couple of people have already asked if we will be running any types of promotion this month. The short answer is “yes” and more details will be announced nearer the time. What is planned will be a pleasant twist on your traditional Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale, of great benefit to both recent loyal customers and those also after some bargains. So stay tuned. You will really like what is coming and keep buying in the meantime!

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AnimateIt 2 Released

Wednesday 1st November 2017

AnimateIt does as the name suggests, and makes is possible to apply animations to basic stacks or other elements in a webpage. This stack is both fun and easy to use. Over 50 different animation effects are supported. These animations can ‘fire’ on page load, click, mouseover or scroll.

Example situations where AnimateIt could be useful include having sections of a page (like a horizontal banner) slide into view when the page is scrolled down, animate a subheading with a subtle fade effect, or give a clickable image a mouseover effect.

Changes in version 2 include:

  • Merged the former Enclosure and Content stacks into a single stack element
  • A more efficient codebase that will help create faster-loading webpages
  • New icons, meta data, update checking, support links and other items required by Stacks
  • Improved the presentation and ordering of animation effects, so they are easier to find and test
  • Simplified the editing interface, to make the stack quicker and easier to use

There are too many animation effects to show on a single page! So be sure to take advantage of the free demo version provided, to download and have a play with the stack yourself. This stack was formally developed by Tsooj Media.

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SocialPopup updated to version 1.2.0

Wednesday 1st November 2017

Changes in this free stack update include…

  • Removed support (this platform shutdown last year)
  • Added link helpers for Pocket and Viadeo
  • Changed the background colour of the Twitter icon to #44A6FD to reflect their revised branding
  • New meta data added for Stacks 3.5
  • Removed the checkbox option for Font Awesome. If you are using a relatively new version of Stacks, then Font Awesome 4.7.0 is already loaded in the page for you
  • Update checking now happens over SSL

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ShareStack updated to version 1.3.0

Thursday 26th October 2017

Changes in this free update include

  • You are now able to set both a minimum and maximum breakpoint, for more precise control of ShareStack display on different screen widths
  • Added a brand new button for sharing pages to ‘Pocket’, a new bookmarking service by Mozilla
  • Removed the checkbox option for Font Awesome. If you are using a relatively new version of Stacks, then Font Awesome 4.7.0 is already loaded in the page for you
  • Added Odnoklassniki (Russian) as a new sharing button
  • Added Viadeo (French) as a new sharing button
  • Changed the background colour of the Twitter icon to #44A6FD to reflect their revised branding
  • New meta data added for Stacks 3.5

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ImageMapper updated to version 2

Monday 25th September 2017

Using conventional HTML image map markup, ImageMapper can be used to generate a simple image map for navigation. ImageMapper can use a base image dragged and dropped into RapidWeaver or a warehoused image. A clever ‘coordinate inspector’ allows you to quickly plot your map areas in preview mode, and use the generated coordinates within the stack settings. Alternatively a 'source code’ mode lets you import an existing image map. ImageMapper makes your image map responsive and supports basic mouseover effects.

ImageMapper was originally developed by Tsooj Media. This latest version modernises the user interface. The stack works much the same as before. A couple of new features extend what you can do with ImageMapper.

What’s particularly good about ImageMapper is that alongside support for regular rectangle shapes, it can also handle circles and more intricate polygon shapes. ImageMapper is responsive. As the screen is made smaller, some jQuery Javascript code is used to recalculate the point coordinates; therefore avoiding the issue of the image becoming cropped or your areas no aligning correctly with the image underneath.

A stack like ImageMapper could be used to create an interesting format of website navigation. Either links could be configured to open on other webpages or you could use anchors to scroll to other places in the same page. Support for custom attributes means you could potentially make use of addon lightbox effects too.

Changes in version 2 include:

  • A significant overhaul of the editing interface to move away from deprecated Stacks API features (like repeats). Emphasis on faster and easier setup
  • It is now possible to toggle between map areas you configure within the stack settings or import the source code for an existing image map to reuse in ImageMapper
  • Switch between using dragged and dropped images, warehoused images or a simple 'test’ image
  • The instructions and user interface for the Coordinate Inspector (in preview mode) has been updated to make things clearer
  • A new icon, update checking facilities, keywords and meta data desired by Stacks 3 and later
  • Tided some settings and created new informational tooltips
  • Removed the limit on the number of map areas supported
  • Map areas now support custom attributes (like IDs, classes or data- attributes) which may come in useful for attaching additional click events or styling
  • Tidied the underlying source code. Removed some browser hacks and prefixes that are no longer required

Update eligibility

  • Purchases made on or after 1st July 2017, login to your Paddle account to obtain the latest version
  • Purchases made longer ago, please get in contact via email (with proof of purchase attached) to request a 100% coupon code before 30th September 2017

Alternatively until Saturday 30th September, ImageMapper is available at 25% off for all new and existing users.

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Introducing BetterFloat

Friday 22nd September 2017

This stack is a remake to the free ‘Float’ stack that is already supplied with the Stacks plugin. Our BetterFloat stack lets you toggle between styled text, HTML code, stacks and Markdown content. You can switch between having the content rendered in columns or have content wrap-around the floating content. 

The units of measurement can be switched between EMs, percentages, pixels or viewport width. And the addition of a breakpoint setting lets you disable the float on narrower screens. Altogether, this is a particularly powerful float stack which could be useful in countless projects.

This is a free stack, but if you find it useful please make a contribution to support ongoing updates.

Click here to learn more about BetterFloat.

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Introducing RWML 2

Sunday 3rd September 2017

RWML (or RapidWeaver Multilingual) is the ultimate set of stack elements for helping you make your RapidWeaver website fully multilingual. These powerful stacks let you translate just about every aspect of a webpage. Your website visitors can choose their preferred language from a select menu or custom flags / links. Their language choice is ‘remembered’ by the system; on subsequent visits and page views.

Over the course of nearly two years, the stacks have been completely rewritten around a shiny new, intelligent, reliable and ultra-efficient PHP codebase. This latest version of RWML gives you immense flexibility for building the perfect, multilingual website you never thought was possible with RapidWeaver! The sophistication and advancements made in RWML v2 are truly remarkable.

RWML 2 is a major update. To briefly summarise the main changes that have happened in RWML v2:

  • The editing interface has been improved; with emphasis on making the stacks easier to use and bringing the most important settings and instructions to the front.
  • Some stacks have been merged together. For example, instead of there being three different switch stacks, there is now just one. Expanded settings let you swiftly toggle between different switch types.
  • We now use server-side code (like PHP) to determine what content to display. What’s the big deal with this? Server-side means only the content relevant to the selected language is sent down to the web browser. This brings enormous efficiency savings. Plus smoother and faster loading websites.
  • A couple of the stacks have been renamed, to better-reflect their revised roles within the RWML set.
  • The new 'RWML Wrapper’ stack lets you effortlessly place other stacks inside. You can regulate when those stacks are shown, based on the current language selection.
  • All the RWML stacks are now rebranded as 'Stacks4Stacks’, with new meta data, support links and secure update checking capabilities.
  • We are now making use of newer Stacks API features. These will give you faster page previewing, better compatibility with other stacks and improved reliability with an ever-growing choice of web browsers.
  • The RWML Menu stack no longer overwrites elements in navigation links (like spans and Font Awesome icons) and should work more reliably with a greater choice of theme designs and frameworks. It can now simultaneously translate mobile, desktop and breadcrumb links in most themes.
  • RWML is no longer dependent on older third-party addons (like PlusKit) which have been known to sometimes cause RapidWeaver problems (especially after updates). Everything can now be accomplished with RWML and Stacks. No extra purchases required.
  • A brand new 'RWML Meta’ stack at the request of former users, for improving SEO (search engine optimisation) and Twitter / Facebook sharing.
  • The RWML Sidebar stack can now also be used to embed content within ExtraContent containers, FreeStyle banners or custom containers, using Javascript.
  • Added a new 'RWML Replace’ stack, to search and replace simple words or sentences in those harder-to-reach outside parts of a webpage, with simple Javascript. For example, mobile menu toggle buttons, site titles, site slogans and footer copyright text.

Click here to read more about RWML, watch a tutorial video, download a free demo version and access the new (illustrated) user guide.

Looking to update from RWML v1? Please carefully read the user guide to understand the update process involved. If you purchased RWML after 1st July 2017, you can download the update direct from your Paddle account. For any purchases before this date, please get in contact before Saturday 30th September 2017 (with proof of purchase), to claim a 100% coupon code. The free update window closes after this date.

RWML v2 requires Stacks 3.5 or later.

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ActionHost updated to version 2.0

Thursday 31st August 2017

This clever little stack (formally a Tsooj Media stack) helps you modify and manipulate links within a webpage. It can work on both theme navigation links and links you ordinarily create within a webpage. ActionHost can change the address that a link points towards, add extra attributes, disable normal link behaviour or trigger things like lightboxes, language switches and shopping carts. The editing interface of ActionHost makes this stack relatively easy to setup.

ActionHost masks all the complicated code and can also be configured as a partial for use over multiple webpages.

Changes in version 2 include:

  • New icons, meta data, support links and update checking facilities
  • Renamed and regrouped some settings
  • Changed a couple of the informational tooltips
  • Surplus style settings (like backgrounds, borders, layout and responsive controls) are now hidden, to make setup faster and easier
  • Improved the font size and clarity of the instructions shown in edit mode
  • Javascript calls for E-Junkie carts now happen over SSL
  • ActionHost no longer requires a page with a .php extension

In addition to the above, the following new action types have been added to ActionHost:

  • Add an HTML5 data attribute and value to the link
  • Apply a unique ID selector name to the link
  • Force a linked file to download (in newer web browsers) and give it a new file name
  • Print the current webpage (or save it as a PDF)
  • Reload the current webpage
  • Navigate back to the previous webpage, that the user came from
  • Switch the website language using RWML v2 (due for release very shortly)
  • Execute custom jQuery Javascript code

Some special API features are being used in ActionHost 2, so the minimum system requirements of this stack have been raised to Stacks 3.5. You may notice pages preview and publish faster, as a result.

This is a FREE update for all existing users, available from your Paddle account or by getting in contact via email and providing ‘proof of purchase’.

Learn more…

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StackSlider updated to version 4.2.0

Wednesday 30th August 2017

Alongside the addition of some special meta data for Stacks 3.5, this update adds support for custom navigation. This lets you create a container of links or thumbnail images (elsewhere on the page) that each have a data-slide-index attribute like this:

<div id="stackSliderCustomNav">
  <a data-slide-index="0" href=""><img src=""></a>
  <a data-slide-index="1" href=""><img src=""></a>
  <a data-slide-index="2" href=""><img src=""></a>

In the stack stack settings, scroll down to the advanced section and check the Custom Navigation option. Then enter the selector name of the container, hosting your custom navigation links. Based on the above example, the selector name you would enter is #stackSliderCustomNav and preview the page. You should find that clicking the link or image directs you to that specific slide.

The index is zero-based. That is to mean it starts 0; so slide 1 is actually referenced as 0.

Of course, you do not need to use code like above. Use the UsefulStack to wrap some columns of images inside a custom class name. Apply a link to each image, leaving its href value as # and give it custom attributes of data-slide-index, like this…

When the images or other content is clicked, the slide will move into view! It will not disrupt the existing settings or navigation.

StackSlider is easily one of the most sophisticated slider stacks for RapidWeaver. One of the most popular stacks we sell. Version 4.2.0 is a free update for all existing users, obtainable in the normal ways.

Learn more about StackSlider here.

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AdvancedPublisher updated to version 4

Wednesday 23rd August 2017

AdvancedPublisher is like a personal assistant for your website! This set of powerful stacks work in conjunction with server-side PHP code to efficiently hide or reveal time-sensitive content. Perfect to use for special promotions, events or simply to alternate the content shown on a webpage. You can also hide and display blocks of content, based on URL query strings. AdvancedPublisher is easy to setup, safe, reliable and compatible with almost any other content stacks placed within.

Changes in version 4 include…

  • Rebranded the stacks from Tsooj Media to Stacks4Stacks. New meta data, icons, stack names, update checking facilities and support links
  • We are now making use of some special API features introduced in Stacks 3.5 to enable faster previewing of pages that make use of AdvancedPublisher stacks
  • All the AdvancedPublisher stacks have received improvements to the editing interface and instructions. Instructions can now be toggled off in the base stack
  • AdvancedPublisher stacks no longer display surplus settings like Background, Border, Layout and Responsive. These are still all style options you can apply to the stacks you place inside AdvancedPublisher stacks
  • Fixed some validation errors, caused by a mismatch of opening and closing HTML tags
  • Some stack settings have been regrouped and improved. Some new information tooltips added to certain settings
  • New warning displayed in edit mode, if you add any AdvancedPublisher stacks without first adding a ‘base’ stack

This is a free update for existing customers; obtainable from your Paddle account or by getting in contact by email with proof of purchase.

If you are new to the idea of AdvancedPublisher, click here to read more information about this stack and to download your FREE demo version.

AdvancedContent requires a minimum of Stacks 3.5.

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YouTubeChannel Stack updated to version 2

Sunday 20th August 2017

Changes in this major update include:-

  • Updated the stack to use YouTube API 3*
  • The stack is now able to fetch either a YouTube channel or a video playlist
  • All colour pickers support RGBa opacity sliders, in the colour settings
  • Added some more style options
  • You no longer need to use an HTML snippet to place the playlist
  • Related video’s can now be toggled on or off in the stack settings
  • Autoplay is now a customisable option
  • You can customise how many video’s are shown in the playlist
  • Better compatibility with our forthcoming RWML 2 stack

* Depending on when you last generated an API key, you may need to generate a new API key for this version of the stack.

This stack makes it easier to embed a YouTube channel or playlist, within your RapidWeaver website. You can safely use multiple YouTubeChannel stacks on the same webpage, making it perfect for more complex video portfolios or for use within multilingual setups (e.g. RWML).


Each time you add a new video to a playlist or your YouTube channel, the video is automatically added on your webpage. Therefore there’s no need to manually add the video in RapidWeaver and republish the website each time!

A basic array of style and colour options let you safely customise the basics of the player interface, to make it look like an integral part of your website.


YouTubeChannel remains a free stack to download and use in all your projects. If you find it useful, you can make a contribution here to support ongoing updates and development. Paid support is available if you require help with generating an API key or other aspects.

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ProGallery updated to version 2.2

Monday 14th August 2017

Changes in this free update for version 2.x users include:

  • Lazy loading of thumbnail images is now an optional setting, available as a checkbox option within the sub-stacks of each source
  • When zoom effects are applied to thumbnails, the overflow is cropped
  • Improvements to the rendering of thumbnail images, when placed in masonry layouts and with transitional effects applied
  • If a user arrives on the webpage with Javascript disabled, the thumbnail image can still be clicked to reveal the fullsize image or video
  • Added new ‘border radius’ and 'eclipse’ thumbnail mouseover special effects
  • More hidden localisations within the lightbox can now be customised
  • Potential fix for layering issues in the Foundations top bar
  • The lightbox now supports an optional 'download’ and 'Pinterest’ image sharing buttons, in the top left corner
  • ALT tags applied to images (from directories of images) now use the image title, as the attribute value
  • Added some extra meta data, sometimes needed by Stacks 3.5
  • Updated some of the setup instructions shown in edit mode
  • Other minor improvements and optimisations

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Introducing FancyIntro 3

Wednesday 9th August 2017

Like a key to unlock the door to secret room, FancyIntro adds a certain degree of ‘suspense’ to the opening and revealing of a webpage. Supporting two lines of text (or images) and a bountiful array of style options; you are sure to find FancyIntro both a fun and easy stack to use in many projects. Built-in cookie tracking means it’s possible to have the intro effect only run once, and not persistently appear each time a user opens a website. FancyIntro is a great way to welcome people to your website, grab their attention and instantly immerse them into your content.

FancyIntro is the latest Tsooj Media stack to be updated and moved to Stacks4Stacks. This version retains the same splitting / sliding effect as version 2 did. However many more enhancements have been made towards making this stack easier, faster and more customisable to use…

  • Tidied the editing interface and removed surplus settings that were no longer required
  • Regrouped and renamed several settings. Some stack settings have new informational tooltips
  • Support for images, markdown or HTML content; in addition to the existing styled text support
  • Animation settings now make use of number input boxes
  • All colour pickers support RGBa opacity
  • Support for automatic stack updates; combined with new help and info links
  • Written content can now receive bold, italicised or underline text styling
  • New font size and letter spacing settings
  • The vertical positioning of content can now be customised using the 'offset’ option
  • Added the ability to specify the upper and lower content styling independently
  • New content alignment options, for the upper and lower content
  • Removed some surplus browser hacks and polyfills that are no longer required
  • Fixed some compatibility issues, particularly in addons like Foundations
  • Fixed some HTML5 validation errors

Please note that the minimum system requirements of FancyIntro have changed. This stack now requires a minimum of Stacks 3 and RapidWeaver 6.

This is a free update for anybody who’s purchased the FancyIntro stack on or after 1st January 2016 - download the update from your Paddle account or get in contact by email with a copy of your purchase details attached.

If you’re an older customer of the stack or new to FancyIntro, take advantage of our 50% reintroduction discount. Throughout the month of August 2017, FancyIntro 3 can be purchased at 50% off - no coupon code necessary (the discounted price is shown on the website and at the checkout). As always, be sure to download and try the free demo version first.

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LoremUtility 2.0 released

Monday 7th August 2017

Love building websites in RapidWeaver? We do too!

When designing new webpages, a need often arises to quickly prototype things; and this often involves the use of dummy Latin content or placeholder images. Although many online generators exist, the constant monotony of copying, pasting, cleaning and trimming content can leave much to be desired for.

LoremUtility fixes the problem rather conveniently through provision of a random content generator in Stacks. LoremUtility makes the generation of dummy content extraordinarily fast and simple. An essential utility for just about any RapidWeaver user!

Formally a Tsooj Media stack, LoremUtility is now part of the Stacks4Stacks family. Changes in version 2 include…

  • New icons, support links and update checking facilities
  • The parent container and content containers now have class names, for easier custom CSS modification
  • Simplified the editing interface; less visual clutter, easier manipulation of settings
  • Updated some of the informational tooltips displayed on the stack settings
  • Added several additional dummy text dictionaries
  • You can now customise the spacing applied after block paragraphs
  • Added support for ordered (numbered) lists, blockquotes and placeholder photographs
  • Now working correctly over SSL, on secure websites
  • Reset some of the default settings (like CSS image colours)
  • CSS images can now have their labels set to ‘none’
  • Various other minor changes to the underlying source code

LoremUtility is a FREE update for all existing customers - just get in contact with a copy of your purchase receipt to obtain an upgrade coupon code. This stack can be installed alongside older 'Lorem Ipsum Utility’ named stacks. A manual upgrade is required for version 2. Stacks 3 or above is required.

The price of LoremUtility has been frozen at roughly what it was before. So if you’re new to this stack, it’s definitely worth having a play with. It’s another one of these stacks that might initially leave you scratching your head - but once you’ve used it several times you might question why you never had it in your library sooner!

I manage a growing number of websites for private clients in RapidWeaver. Sometimes they want a new page added to a website, but are still in the process of gathering content. In this type of situation, LoremUtility proves invaluable in letting me quickly assemble real page layouts, which the client can access to review. It saves the hassle of 'photoshopping’ countless new webpage designs and permits detailed testing on different screen sizes. For individual designers and small design agencies, LoremUtility could prove to be the perfect workflow companion!

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FloatingContent updated to version 2.0

Thursday 3rd August 2017

A simple stack for creating blocks of content that ‘float’ on your webpage; while following a user as they scroll up and down. FloatingContent is perfect for the display of important messages, disclaimers, a contact widget, EU cookie tracking notices, special links or even for the creation of a custom website navigation unit. 

Now with support for more styling options and the ability to dismiss (close) FloatingContent stacks with tracking cookie capabilities! This is the latest Tsooj Media stack to be updated and added to Stacks4Stacks.

Changes in version 2.0 include…

  • Renamed and reorganised some stack settings
  • New ‘floating life ring’ icon design
  • Most settings now have new informational tooltips
  • Removed old browser hacks and other unused code
  • Cleaned-up the editing interface, to make the stack faster and easier to use
  • New line height style options, for text placed inside FloatingContent
  • All colour pickers now support RGBa opacity
  • The main container has a class of ‘floatingContent’, to make custom CSS modifications easier
  • Added support for automatic updates
  • FloatingContent stacks can be optionally dismissed (closed) by the website visitor and tracked with a cookie
  • A couple of minor optimisations ahead of Stacks 3.5 being released

FloatingContent requires stacks 3.0 or above and a minimum of RapidWeaver 6. As always, a free fully-functioning demo version is available, so you can try before you buy.

This is a free update for all existing customers (please email a copy of your purchase receipt to receive a 100% code for the latest version).

If you are new to FloatingContent, you can purchase this stack throughout August 2017 with 50% off the normal price (the discount is applied automatically at the checkout).

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Curtains 3.0 now available

Wednesday 2nd August 2017

Curtains adds a simple animated curtain-loading effect to webpages. Although a somewhat gimmicky feature, Curtains is a fun effect to use on more informal websites. And built-in cookie tracking means that it’s possible to have the effect run only once, within a defined period of time.

Curtains is derived from version 1 of the ‘Fancy Intro’ stack by Tsooj Media. Fancy Intro still exists today, and will itself be getting a major update shortly. 

A couple of people commented they liked the original ‘curtains’ effect offered in older versions of Fancy Intro. So we made a branch from the old Fancy Intro stack, updated things and developed this newer Curtains stack. Along with a name change, the following changes in Curtains 3 include…

  • Simplified the editing interface, for quicker and easier setup of the stack
  • Renamed and regrouped some settings
  • Updated some of the informational tooltips
  • Added support for dragged-and-dropped and warehoused image curtain backgrounds
  • Converted old ‘input’ settings into conventional number boxes
  • Added support for automatic updates
  • All colour pickers now support RGBa opacity
  • Curtains no longer display in print or PDF output
  • Removed some of the older browser hacks and prefixes

Curtains is now provided as a free stack. But if you find it useful or have support questions, you can make a contribution here. Curtains 3 requires Stacks 3 or newer.

If you are looking for a page loading effect that is even more sophisticated and supports two lines of text, keep an eye open for the updated FancyIntro stack landing any day now!

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Responsive Content stack has been merged into UsefulStack

Tuesday 1st August 2017

Just a quick heads-up to notify you about a merger of the former Tsooj Media ‘Responsive Content’ stack and the UsefulStack.

For a long time, UsefulStack had some basic controls to toggle the display of content, depending on screen width. Rather than maintaining two stacks which do almost the same thing, I have merged the responsive controls into UsefulStack.

How do I use responsive controls in UsefulStack?

Simply add a UsefulStack to your webpage. This becomes a parent ’wrapper’ for the content you want to display or hide. In the UsefulStack settings, toggle open the UsefulStack Responsive Behaviour group of settings:

In here, you can now precisely customise the display of content on different screen widths. For example, you might want to hide an element that is known not to display too well on mobile, and replace it with with something else. Our conditional logic and clear labelling make this process really easy.

What is UsefulStack?

Often referred to as “the stack that should’ve been included with Stacks”, UsefulStack adds some incredibly useful and powerful functionality to manipulate the display and dimensions of content. Acting as an extended version of the ‘1 column’ stack, UsefulStack is a must-have stack to use in many projects.

How much does UsefulStack cost?

UsefulStack remains a free stack to download. But as always, if you find it useful or need some extra support, you can make a contribution here.

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NewsTicker 3 now available

Saturday 8th July 2017

The first Tsooj Media stack I have updated for Stacks4Stacks. This update significantly modernises the stack and fulfils every feature request received. As part of the update, new documentation has been written for the stack and a free demo version is now provided, so you can download and “try before you buy”!

Changes in version 3 include…

  • By request, text now scrolls infinitely like a marquee effect
  • Improved responsive behaviour (text no longer truncates or wraps onto extra rows)
  • You can now toggle between styled text, HTML or Markdown content types
  • New option to start the NewsTicker visible, on page load
  • Added a line height setting
  • Built-in a few more colour options, with support for RGBa opacity
  • You can now safely use multiple NewsTicker stacks on the same webpage
  • New icons, new meta data and support links
  • Added the possibility to update the content remotely using a simple CMS like Cushy or Surreal
  • Decluttered and refreshed the editing interface to make the stack easier to use

NewsTicker now requires Stacks 3 or later.

This is a free update for anyone who purchased the original Tsooj Media stack on or after 1st July 2016 - please get in contact with a copy of your receipt to receive a 100% coupon code.

Until August 1st 2017, NewsTicker is available at 50% off for new and existing customers - no coupon code necessary.

Learn more…

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Tsooj Media Stacks are now part of Stacks4Stacks

Saturday 8th July 2017

Joost Spijker, former owner of Tsooj Media, is retiring from doing RapidWeaver development. As of July 2017, all of his stacks are being moved over to Stacks4Stacks. This will ensure previous customers can continue to receive support and updates. 

Going forward, many of the stacks will receive updates that will incorporate various feature requests and improvements. The future is very bright for the Tsooj Media Stacks.

As of today, a temporary page has been setup on Stacks4Stacks where the former Tsooj Media Stacks are listed and remain available to purchase. This page has some more details about the business acquisition. Gradually as these stacks are updated, they will be moved onto their own pages. Brand new documentation, working examples and downloadable demo versions will be available soon.

If you have feedback or feature requests for any of these stacks, please get in contact via email. Now is a perfect time to share your thoughts about any of these stacks. We will be embarking on quite an intensive schedule to update the stacks. There are likely to be announcements almost weekly.

To kick things off, the NewsTicker stack is receiving an update. Keep an eye out for this announcement later tonight on the RapidWeaver forums and social media!

I want to take this opportunity to welcome all former Tsooj Media customers on board. I aim to continue offering you the same exemplary level of customer service and high quality addons that Joost previously supplied you with. This formal business acquisition has been well thought out, with emphasis on putting customers first.

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Announcing Player 2

Thursday 29th June 2017

A major update to the ever-popular Player stack. This update is free for anybody who has purchased the stack after 1st January 2015 (login to your Paddle account to get the latest version). For older purchases, please get in contact by email (with proof of purchase) to receive a discount coupon code. Player 2 can be installed alongside older versions of Player - to permit a gradual ‘migration’ of audio and video content into this newest version.

What’s new in this update?

  • Rearranged, merged, regrouped and renamed some settings, to make Player even quicker and easier to setup
  • New options to choose how audio or video content is preloaded; to promote faster loading webpages
  • The download button now works on Safari 10 and automatically links to your MP3 or MP4 file
  • Totally rewritten support for iPhone and iPad. Where supported, video content now plays within the webpage - instead of opening in a separate window. iPhone retains support for standard iOS media controls
  • Added support for optional OGV and WAV media types
  • Much easier (code-free) setup of player controls. You now have full control over which buttons are shown on mobile and the ability to easily change the order of controls (from left to right) using sliders in the stack settings. Font Awesome button markup is still editable
  • Added the option to play and pause video, by simply clicking on it
  • You can now Chromecast a video directly to a Google Chromecast dongle or compatible smart TV, from an Android phone or tablet
  • Conditional loading of jQuery 2 and Font Awesome 4.7 icons
  • New option to have audio or video content pause when it is scrolled outside of the viewport (a.k.a Facebook style)
  • Progress bars can now be animated with optional stripes
  • Added support for DOGs (digital onscreen graphics) so you can brand your video content with custom logo images or icons
  • Any empty audio and video sources are now removed from the source code, to prevent HTML validation errors
  • Refreshed the default appearance of the toolbar. Now using CSS flexbox to equally-space the controls on all screen widths
  • Support for optional title tooltips, on the player controls. This can improve accessibility of your completed player interface
  • When you send a video to full screen, it will now continue playing from the point it was in the webpage
  • New horizontal spacing options for the media duration and current time clocks
  • Got rid of some settings (like shadow effects) which are accomplishable with other free stacks (e.g. Shady)
  • Added a new optional setting, to apply basic copy protection to the playing media (this suppresses right-clicking when enabled)
  • Brand new animated user interface for the volume controls on desktop web browsers
  • Custom controls are now displayed within fullscreen mode
  • The full screen button toggles automatically between new expand and minimise icons
  • Support for realtime Google Analytics tracking, so you can easily and accurately record user interactions with your players
  • Captions and subtitles can now be toggled from within fullscreen mode
  • A new option to pause the audio or video when a user clicks anywhere outside of the Player stack
  • New RGBa colour picker for icon shadows, within the toolbar
  • We can now and fetch the audio or video duration time via decoded metadata, without needing to begin download of the media file
  • A large quantity of other minor fixes, tweaks and various 'under the hood’ improvements

Important: Player 2 now requires a minimum of RapidWeaver 6 and Stacks 3. This stack will no longer function with older versions of stacks or RapidWeaver.

Player remains the single-most sophisticated audio and video player available for Stacks. Nothing else compares. If you are serious about getting audio or video content into your website professionally, then this is absolutely the stack you need for the job! Its light codebase, attractive styling and broad feature set make it a must-have. Superbly engineered and the perfect stack to broadcast yourself with! Watch the tutorial video and download your free demo version today.

Learn more

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CalcStack updated to version 1.4

Saturday 24th June 2017

This free update introduces support for radio options. These provide another input type for your calculators. Radio options are a good alternative to checkboxes, if you only want a user to select one item. Use the ‘groups’ setting for each radio option to create a group - so only one can be selected. You can also have one radio option selected by default as the page loads.

Much the same as checkboxes, each selectable option can be assigned a numerical value. Depending on which radio option a user chooses, can determine the value applied to the calculation.

CalcStack remains the most powerful and customisable calculator stack available for RapidWeaver. Download the free demo version here:

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HotSpotsPro 3 for Stacks 3 now available

Wednesday 14th June 2017

Changes in this major update include:-

  • HotSpotsPro now supports an unlimited number of hotspot regions
  • Radically improved Stacks 3 user interface; for faster, easier and more efficient setup of image maps
  • Removed some of the seldom-used options to make the codebase of HotSpotsPro lighter
  • Added some brand new style and colour settings for individual hotspots
  • Easier modification of the lightbox window shade colour and opacity
  • Links support a full array of custom attributes; letting you link to anchors, tabs, accordions, lightboxes or other pages
  • Individual hotspots can now receive unique Font Awesome icons
  • A new option to click hotspots and smooth-scroll to blocks of content elsewhere on the same webpage

This is by-far the easiest and most customisable responsive image map solution available for RapidWeaver. By hiding all the complicated source code, HotSpotsPro gives you the freedom to focus on quickly building and deploying ultra user-friendly image maps, that will not look out of place in any modern website!


This stack is perfect for use in e-commerce websites, product showcases, marketing, education and infographics. Watch the introductory video here to see just how easy and flexible this new stack is to use. As always, a free demo version is available for download.

This stack is a free update for all customers who purchased it on or after 1st January 2015, and your update is waiting for you in your Paddle account. Version 3 can be installed alongside older versions.

For anybody new to HotSpotsPro or needing to update from a copy bought before 1st January 2015, you can use the hsp25off coupon code, to take 25% off your order. This optional coupon code can be entered using the ‘coupon code’ button at the checkout, and is valid until 1st July 2017.

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Introducing ProGallery 2

Wednesday 14th June 2017

As the name suggests, our gallery stack is designed and built for professional photographers and filmmakers. Users who typically need to create highly immersive photographic and video galleries for the modern internet.

RapidWeaver is crowded with an ever-growing choice of gallery stacks. With this in mind, we consulted with some existing ProGallery users (a few of which were photography experts) and asked the tough question of what they would like to see done better in ProGallery. The responses that followed have largely all been incorporated into version 2:

  • Faster loading galleries that can safely handle huge collections of both images and video
  • Titles, caption content and lightbox controls that do not layer-over or obscure your media
  • Modern, flexbox-based image layouts and pure CSS masonry grids without clumsy Javascript
  • Support for high-resolution retina display optimised photographs within lightbox mode
  • Brilliant responsiveness and accessibility for all users; whether they are on a smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Sharp, simple animation effects that will not turn pages into a flickery mess or suffer jerky transitions
  • Options to disable the lightbox and apply standard links on thumbnails, for linking to sub-galleries or webpages
  • A super-simple setup process, so more time can be spent doing actual photography, filmmaking and enjoying life!

Although a couple of less-used features have been phased out in ProGallery 2, we’re confident that this major update reestablishes ProGallery as the unrivalled image and video gallery solution for professional photographers, artists and filmmakers. A huge amount of care and attention to detail has been put into this update. More updates are planned, to continue evolving the stack and possibly adding more sources in partnership with other developers.

This video explains all the most noteworthy features new in ProGallery 2 and the basics of how to use this wonderful stack. A fully functioning free demo version of the stack is available for download. ProGallery 2 is a free update for all existing customers. It can be installed alongside older versions of the stack. The update can be downloaded from your Paddle account.

Any technical support questions or feedback can be posted via the Stacks4Stacks support page, from where you can be assured of a swift and friendly response.

Learn more…

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PlayLister updated to version 2.6.0

Tuesday 30th May 2017

This free update for the PlayLister stack includes the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing improper display of the volume controls on desktop
  • Added a new setting to start with the playlist toggled shut (hidden)
  • New alignment options for artwork, titles and descriptions on both mobile and wider screens
  • Added a new checkbox option to animate the progress bar with stripes

Learn more about PlayLister…

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PlayLister updated to version 2.5.0

Thursday 18th May 2017

A free update to the PlayLister stack. This small update adds a (user requested) option to have the playlist ordering ‘randomised’ on page load. Similar to what the shuffle button does already, but the randomisation will happen automatically as the page opens. This new checkbox setting can be found in the group of advanced options. 

You can obtain this update from your Paddle account or via automatic updates in Stacks / RapidWeaver.

More information about PlayLister can be found on this webpage. PlayLister is the most sophisticated audio playlist stack available for RapidWeaver and currently one of our most popular stacks sold.

A reminder - there will be limited or no technical support available until about the end of the month, due to travelling. Urgent questions can be posted to the RapidWeaver forums during this period. Normal service will resume again in early June!

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2 good apps for the conversion of audio and video for use in RapidWeaver

Monday 15th May 2017

Web browsers remain very finicky about audio and video formats. When using our stacks like Player, Playlister, MixingDeck, InlinePlayerProGallery, AudioPlayer and VideoPlayer you will almost certainly need to convert your media into one or more formats that can be played-back reliably by different web browsers.

Previously we used to recommend Miro Converter. However the download link for this app appears to have been broken for several weeks and some users have reported that it fails to launch for them. So we’re not entirely certain this app is actively supported or developed any more. If any updates are forthcoming, then this will still be a hot-pick to use. Miro Converter is free and really easy to use; when it works!

The next best thing I was able to find as an alternative to Miro Converter was Adapter. This free app has a really nice, intuitive interface. It looks almost a little like Stacks; with the groups of options to toggle open and closed on the right. Just drag-and-drop in your files, and Adapter will pretty-much take care of the rest. This might be an app you have not heard of before. I saw a recommendation to it on the Apple discussion forums, in response to users having difficulty ripping WMA files into iTunes.

Of note, Adapter can also handle image conversions too. So this could be a really handy app to have in your RapidWeaver workflow. And it works on Windows - making it available for your Windows-based clients to do some converting themselves.

If you need some more customisable options for your audio or video files, then HandBrake is another solid tool to download.

As you can see from the screenshot above, HandBrake is a far-more sophisticated converter. Many more settings exist and it may take some trial and error to find the best settings to use! But HandBrake works great for getting audio and video web-ready. And since HandBrake is now also developed for Windows and Ubuntu too, there is a lot of momentum behind the development of this app. HandBrake has been around for many years.

Obviously many other audio and video converters exist. I have purely picked the two free ones which I have personally found to work best. You might only need to periodically do some occasional audio or video conversion for your website, so investing into a paid app might not always be justifiable. There are certainly many others out there.

In recent weeks, a lot of work has been done in preparation for the release of Player 2. The Player stack is the most popular stack available for getting audio and video into your RapidWeaver website. Player 2 is a major update with loads of exciting new features - many of which were requested by existing users. If you are interested in trying the latest Beta version, please see this tweet here.

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CalcStack updated to version 1.2.0

Wednesday 12th April 2017

Changes in this free update include:

  • If reset and submit buttons are enabled, reset will no longer submit the form when clicked
  • Number inputs now support negative values
  • You can now enforce minimum and maximum ranges on number inputs (basic validation)
  • Improvements to Twitter sharing, including use of special characters in description text
  • Tided parts of the underlying source code and deleted some bits that were not needed
  • New ‘Random Number’ input type
  • Modifications to the presentation of formulas in edit mode

This update will be available shortly in Stacks (via automatic updates) and is available now from your Paddle account.

Learn more…

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CalcStack updated to version 1.1.0

Tuesday 4th April 2017

Changes in this free update include:

  • Warning messages are now clearly displayed in edit mode, if form inputs have no name attributes provided
  • Continued improvements and easier integration with FormsPlus
  • The range slider now supports negative numbers (e.g. -17) and decimalised steps (e.g. 0.25, 0.50)
  • You can now customise the width of the range legends (green value balloons) in the CalcStack style settings
  • Added the ability to have CalcStack ‘write’ calculated answers into other parts of the page, including blocks of text, link buttons and other input boxes. See the website for details
  • Support for optional sound effects (like clicks), for when calculation inputs are changed by the end user - the sustainable transport infographic example on the website demonstrates this
  • New advanced option to have number input boxes automatically focused (selected) on click, for better accessibility and less clicking
  • A couple of other minor changes to the underlying source code

Learn more…

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Introducing DonateStack

Friday 31st March 2017

DonateStack makes it quick and easy to collect donations from your website users, via PayPal. This stack is ideal to collect money for charities, religious groups, fundraising events, schools, donationware downloads or political campaigns. In a basic configuration, users are presented with either a number input box or select menu; for determining how much to give. Clicking the ‘submit’ button takes them through to the secure PayPal website, to complete their transaction.

DonateStack purposefully has 'fat and friendly’ styling, to make it extra user-friendly for all website users. Several style settings are included, to enable you to customise the appearance and get it to match your existing website. It is easy to integrate DonateStack into some of our other stacks, like TintStack, Shady or StandOut.

A useful advanced feature is the ability to pre-populate the donation amount field with a URL query string. This opens-up the possibility of being able to use the CalcStack for a user to calculate a donation amount, and then CalcStack can pass the answer over into DonateStack. It’s one of the reasons this stack was created.

Because it is envisioned a lot of RapidWeaver users will be using DonateStack for charities or non-profits, the stack is also provided for free. But if you do find it helpful, please share a link with us and an estimate of how much revenue you’re getting from it. It would be interesting to know. You can also use DonateStack to make a contribution on the Stacks4Stacks website!

Learn more about DonateStack…

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Introducing CalcStack

Friday 24th March 2017

I’m super-pleased to unveil the brand new CalcStack; a combination of much design, development, testing and refinement over the past several months, plus valuable collaboration with several prominent RapidWeaver users.

What is CalcStack? A need frequently arises in modern websites and webapps to provide users with interactive calculators. Calculators are often needed for tasks like shipping estimators, product or service quantifiers, simple infographics, quote forms, savings and interest calculators, conversion calculators, educational purposes and various other tasks.

CalcStack lets you construct a variety of simple and more complex number calculators to go on your websites. You’ll find the intuitive user interface makes CalcStack both quick and easy to configure within Stacks 3. No code is required to accomplish the basics. Generated calculators are really fast, HTML5 valid, fully mobile-first responsive and styled attractively with Bootstrap to compliment the rest of your website. Compatibility is provided for all major themes.

Potentially CalcStack could save you a fortune in having calculators custom coded for your website. CalcStack brings the added time-saving flexibility of being able build and update your own calculators independently - at any time.

Lots of options exist for generated answers; including the ability to copy them to a clipboard, tweet them with a message or pass them onto another page or contact form. Additionally if you already use FormsPlus, you will find CalcStack integrates seamlessly with your existing forms!

A 20 minute video has been published here that demonstrates the basics of CalcStack and how to build some more complex implementations. The same RapidWeaver 7 project file used in the video is available here and you can find the rest of the documentation and a free demo version here on the product page for download.

Learn more…

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Introducing FileMan stack - a free file manager / warehouse for your website!

Monday 20th March 2017

The role of this new stack is to configure and spawn a new directory on your web server, complete with a basic file management interface. After entering a password, you (or a client) can login to upload, download, view or delete small files with ease. New folders can be created and you can sort files by clicking the table headings. All this is done through your normal web browser.


FileMan is perfect to use as a backend for our popular stacks like PlayLister, RefinedSlider, ProGallery, Embed and DropCMS. Any of these stacks can link to the FileMan directory; thereby permitting the ability to add or remove files (like images or audio tracks) remotely, outside of RapidWeaver. FileMan is safe for your clients to use, because only files within the FileMan directory are editable. FileMan saves you from the aggravation of setting-up additional FTP accounts or paying for expensive CMS stacks.

The FileMan interface uses HTML5 and is fully mobile-first responsive. It works well on all newer mobile, tablet and desktop computers.


FileMan is easy to configure within Stacks 3 / RapidWeaver. The basic setup process involves telling FileMan where you want the new directory to be generated, the login password and what functionality you want enabled.

Because many of us are building websites for non-English speaking clients to manage, you will find FileMan lets you translate many of the buttons, labels and table headings into another language.


This stack requires a web server with PHP 5.6 or greater, RapidWeaver 6.0 or greater and Stacks 3.0 or greater. If you find FileMan useful or require support, please make a contribution. As always, support is best dealt with via email.

Learn more…

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TogglePlus stack updated to version 1.3.0

Sunday 12th March 2017

Changes in this free update include:

  • All colour pickers now support RGBa opacity
  • Fixed an issue whereby Font Awesome icons in nested toggles were not working correctly
  • Fixed an HTML validation error
  • Font Awesome is now loaded by Stacks
  • Raised the minimum API to version 7 (Stacks 3)
  • Updated some of the support / info links
  • Update checking now done securely over SSL

Learn more:

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AudioPlayer 2.1.0 Released

Tuesday 7th March 2017

Changes in this free update include the following:

  • Reorganised and regrouped some of the settings
  • Added support for WAV audio formats
  • You can now toggle MP3, OGG and WAV audio sources on and off independently
  • New options to choose what preloading (if any) is applied to tracks
  • Tidied some of the underlying source code

Learn more:

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Announcing the new QueryDisplay stack

Friday 24th February 2017

Introducing QueryDisplay - the purpose of this simple stack is to hide or display content, based on any query strings and matching parameters that may be present in the browser address bar. If a matching parameter / value pair is found in the address bar (or if a numerical value that falls within a specific range), a block of content within QueryDisplay is displayed.

This is an extremely quick, simple and efficient stack suitable for a multitude of possible jobs. QueryDisplay can loop through an infinite number of parameters within a query string and will intelligently display a message if no matches are found. It can even handle multiple parameters too!

QueryDisplay is going to be a fantastic compliment to our upcoming CalcStack; to help your website users calculate and view the best possible products or services you have to offer. But in the meantime, you can use it stand-alone for a wide variety of tasks. QueryDisplay will work with any existing link or button creation methods.

Try the live examples published on the product page. QueryDisplay is provided as a free stack.

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Announcing MicroBlog 2.0

Thursday 16th February 2017

Changes in this free update include:-

  • Major changes to the fetching of blog content, for greater compatibility with different web servers
  • You can now preview your actual blog content inside RapidWeaver 7, without having to publish first
  • Updated some of the setup instructions

Enjoy the convenience of being able to post new blog articles from your computer, tablet or mobile device using the official Tumblr apps or website. then use the MicroBlog stack to pull your blog RSS feed into your RapidWeaver website and display your latest posts, audio, video and images.

Learn more…

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We're having an early 'spring clean'!

Tuesday 31st January 2017

Hi Stacks4Stacks fans! Just a quick word to say that some important updates are being made to the Stacks4Stacks website this week, and you may encounter a few problems with some links - especially in some of the demo’s and the download links.

Ahead of Dropbox terminating support for Public folders on 15th March, we’ve been forced to end our hosting contract with Dropbox and instead move everything over to Amazon servers. Long term, you should find demo’s and downloads are a lot speedier and more reliable. However during this upheaval, there is a chance some links may be broken and occasionally you might find the website temporarily goes offline or displays a security certificate warning. We are working hard to minimise the disruption caused and ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

For the next couple of days, automatic updates (in Stacks and RapidWeaver) may also not work for you. Rest-assured if you do need anything urgently, simply login to your secure Paddle account to download the latest updates manually.

In other related news, DropCMS is temporally going to be mothballed. It serves little purpose (with the demise of Dropbox Public folders). It is hoped that this stack can be repurposed for something else. There are already some very interesting ideas for this stack.

Incidentally if you are making use of Dropbox (for hosting or warehousing files) its of paramount importance you move your files elsewhere, before 15th March. After this date, you will not be able to hotlink or embed files directly in your website. Instead, the current links will take people away from your website, to a Dropbox branded page. Read the free eBook I released at Christmas, if you want to build a more robust file warehousing system.

A brand new stack is going to be released through the Stacks4Stacks website very shortly - if you like the idea of interactive calculators in your website, you will love this new creation! There’s also free updates pending for ProGallery and Lookup.

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PlayLister 2.3.0 released

Wednesday 25th January 2017

The best audio playlist stack for RapidWeaver, just got a bit more better!

Changes in this free update include:

  • The stack is now named with CamelCase lettering
  • New option to change the vertical alignment of the player controls interface
  • Padding applied around the player interface can now be customised
  • New text size setting for the Track Info (album, artist etc.)
  • New text size setting for the progress bar clocks
  • If cover artwork is disabled, the player interface now has an ‘auto’ height
  • A new, simple checkbox option, to vertically stack the interface on all screen sizes
  • New settings to customise the alignment of titles, albums and artist info
  • Playlist items can now have an 'auto’ height
  • Corrected the Info URL in the stack settings

The update is available NOW via automatic updates in RapidWeaver, or you can download it from your Paddle account. If you’re new to PlayLister, please see this page for more information and to grab a free demo version:

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MicroBlog Stack Updated

Monday 23rd January 2017

Happy Monday! This evening a little update has been published for the ‘MicroBlog’ stack. This update introduces support for customisable PHP timezones; which should fix some timezone-related errors a few users reported seeing. You can now toggle the display of setup instructions and faux content on and off inside the MicroBlog settings. This update is available via automatic update checking or you can grab the latest version from the website:

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Switcher 2.6 released

Friday 18th November 2016

This FREE update includes the following changes:-

  • You can now trigger Switcher tab or accordion panels using custom buttons (HTML5 data- attributes) within the same webpage
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate open / close icons to get appended onto nested accordions
  • Support added for custom Javascript callbacks, so advanced users can now interact with other stacks, when tabs or accordions are clicked (e.g. pause a video or re-render some content)
  • New checkbox option in the settings to make tab panels collapsible. When enabled, a tab panel can be re-closed by clicking or tapping it a second time

The update is available via automatic updates or from your Paddle account.

Click here to learn more about Switcher and to download a free demo version.

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Buy now to avoid price increases!

Wednesday 28th September 2016

Next week, we’re going to be revising the pricing of some stacks listed on the Stacks4Stacks website.

Admittedly nobody likes it when prices go up. However the reality is that some of our stack elements have grown to become very complex and advanced addons for RapidWeaver. Ultimately this pushes-up demand for more customer support.

It should also be remembered that Stacks4Stacks does things properly and complies with the EU VAT laws on digital downloads. This means that for each stack sold to an EU customer, we have to absorb VAT costs of up-to 30%. After all, we like to keep things legal and prevent our customers being chased for tax avoidance!

We’re doing the kind thing and giving you a heads-up of the price increases coming next week. That way you have a couple of days to test stacks you are interested in using and buying them at their current list price.

Basically any stack listed on the website now for £5 will be increasing to £10 next week. Some of the more complex individual stacks like Filter, ProGallery, Player, TopBox and Playlister will be seeing a price increase from £10 to £15 next week.

Free stack elements are going to remain free - we have no plans to start charging for any of these.

The stacks sold through the Stacks4Stacks website still offer excellent value for money, even after these price increases. We build high-quality stacks based on what real web designers and developers are asking us for. We regularly provide free updates to include feature requests. We’ve also fully embraced concepts like ExtraContent and warehousing in all our stacks. Free demo’s are provided for everything we sell. And in terms of customer support, most emails received get a friendly response within the same day.

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Welcoming seyDesign to the family!

Monday 19th September 2016

Just a quick note to say that in case you hadn’t heard yet, seyDesign (and RapidSearchPro and RWExtras) are now under my ownership. Themes and stacks (excluding Armadillo) are also joining us from Nimblehost.

This is a significant post-Brexit investment with a promise of many theme and stack updates in the coming months. These acquired businesses will signify an exciting expansion into the North American RapidWeaver addons market. Pricing is going to remain in USD and influential developers (like Tom Bristol) will be continuing to market their addons through websites like seyDesign.

Unlike previous acquisitions, these websites will be continuing to operate as they are (as separate entities), and will not be merged into the existing ThemeFlood or Stacks4Stacks websites.

As part of contractual agreements, all previous customers will be entitled to support and updates going forward. Some theme updates have already started to become available, and many more are planned before the end of year.

To celebrate the relaunch, significant discounts are being offered across all themes and stacks until 23:59PM GMT on Wednesday 21st September 2016. All individual themes and stacks have 40% off, and the theme and stack bundles have 60% discounts applied. No coupon codes are required. Free demo versions are provided. This offer simply will NOT be extended or repeated again, so it would be wise to take full advantage of it straight away!

You can access the seyDesign and RapidSearchPro websites here.


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QuoteSlider stack updated to version 1.1.0

Friday 16th September 2016

This free update is available via automatic updates in RapidWeaver or can be downloaded from your Paddle account. Changes in this version include the following:

  • Updated the tooltip for adaptive height, to mention the fact it is ignored if the the slider operates in vertical mode
  • Added some Javascript code to ensure the slider resumes after the navigation or pagination buttons are clicked
  • New ‘Auto Hover’ setting, to pause the slider on mouseover
  • Negative margins can now be applied to the next / previous buttons, to pull them away from the content
  • All colour pickers now support RGBa values
  • Updated Font Awesome Icons to version 4.6.3
  • Adjusted the CSS z-index of the next / previous buttons to bring them further forward of content

More information about QuoteSlider (including a free demo version) can be found here:

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