Meet the Team

At Gimme Paw Dog Walking, we offer group dog walks with up to four canines. We’re fully insured with the Pet Sitters Association, and we take pride in what we do. Our large crew is dedicated to providing the best experience for you and your dog.

Don - Owner

Growing up as an only child, his family dogs (always Keeshonds) were like his brothers and sisters. This might explain why he feels such a special bond with dogs.

Don walked his first dog professionally in Brooklyn in 2007. Before that he never realized he could make a living by caring for dogs, so he became motivated to make it his life's calling. He founded Gimme Paw Dog Walking in Long Island City in 2010, and the rest is history! 

Heidi - Senior Staff

Heidi is a Queens local born and bred (Jackson Heights baby!) and the mother to three wonderfully weird pups, a chihuahua named Goober, a Frenchie/Boston mix named Paris and a pug called Mookie. When she’s not buried under tiny mountains of love, she’s out in Long Island City trying desperately not to put every tiny dog she sees in her purse. She also has an MA in poetry, but she won’t let you read it because you probably wouldn’t understand (she’s mad deep). When she’s not loving on the Gimme Paw pooches you can probably find her on the beach. She makes a mean vodka-infused watermelon and will do serious damage to pizza.

Yulio - Senior Staff

Yulio is an enigma wrapped in a mystery inside a paradox. Jean Claude Van Damme’s entire movie career was based on his life. No one knows where he came from or where he’s going. Some say that he simply willed himself into existence as a fully grown man because he didn’t have time for childhood… there was work to be done! What we do know is that there isn’t a dog he can’t walk, he has an impeccable work ethic, and that behind that tough exterior he has a heart of gold.

Steve - Senior Staff

Steve lives his life by the sage words of everybody’s favorite grimacing cowboy, Clint Eastwood: “The innocence of childhood is like the innocence of a lot of animals”. He’s right at home in more ways than one - a true New Yorker who spends all his time with family. When out in the field his favorite mix includes classics from Wu Tang, Jimi Hendrix, and Slayer (we’re pretty sure the pups love him for his serious air guitar skills).

Sinead - Office Manager

Sinead is our eagle eye (cherry) in the sky, keeping watch over us from Colorado. She moved there from New York to get a dog but wound up with a baby instead. She’s so much more than an office manager, taking advantage of the local landscape with snowboarding and skiing, enjoying local croissants and the fireplace on long wintery nights. She misses New York and encourages you all to take advantage of the ramen and all things delicious, but until her next visit she’ll keep us in poop bags and green leashes, and all things administrative and fun.


Dennis - Walker

Dennis is the owner and manager of his own personal zoo featuring an iguana, a ferret, two hamsters, a dog, a cat, and of course Dennis himself. He grew up in Fresh Meadows and spends most of his time skateboarding and listening to music, but he doesn’t discriminate on style. His current pick is Lupe Fiasco’s Kickpush, but he’ll pretty much listen to anything. He loves Lasagne, the color purple, and this down to earth gentleman leaves us with a nugget of advice, “Stay positive and keep on moving”, and we couldn’t agree more!

Oscar - Walker

Oscar is a true New Yorker born and raised, coming to us from Spanish Harlem. He adopted Toby, a border collie mix two years ago, and has been apologizing to the neighbors for the occasional bark-fest ever since. He listens to all kinds of music and even plays the harmonica, making smooth bluegrass tunes! He’s a big fan of sushi and chilling out with some video games or friends. He takes life pretty easy, one step at a time, although he’s never more than a few steps from a canine companion at any given time. Oscar is also hoping to leave the nest, so if you hear of any sweet apartments in the Lower East Side, let him know!

Joe - Walker

Joe was born and raised in NYC, and is currently a Brooklyn resident, although he does make it a point to escape to the countryside at least a couple times a year. He’s been with Gimme Paw since before domestic dogs evolved from wolves, and has a soft spot for tiny fluffy dogs. He is currently listening to DMX; a true 90s baby. When he’s not walking dogs, he’s usually nerding out playing video games or making a full suit of armor for the renaissance fair out of styrofoam. He’s a self described crazy cat daddy to 12 year old cuddles, and wants to visit Hawaii one day.

Krystle - Walker

Lauren - Walker

Lauren Rymer grew up in the northern most part of Virginia. She moved to Brooklyn in 2009. She has an affinity for black & white tattoos, is preoccupied playing futbol, and is probably listening to LCD Soundsystem right now.

Jeremy - Walker

Kerri Ann - Walker

Kerri Ann floated in from Long Island a few years ago, and brings a burst of joy wherever she goes. Having grown up with a number of rescues she knows her breeds pretty well, and can usually match dogs to the politician look-a-likes. She went to school for Art Education, and acts in the occasional short film. She also collects nicknames, our personal favorite being Kerri Manilowe, and drops such truth bombs as ‘Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive’.

Anne Sophie - Walker

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Anne-Sophie brings a touch of class all the way to us from her native France. She’s been in the Big Apple for over three years, and currently calls Brooklyn home. She absolutely loves dogs, and when she’s not walking them she works with a local artist who makes fashionable knitwear for those with discerning taste. She cycles almost everywhere, even in the winter! But she makes it look effortless of course. Apart from having the inside scoop on where to get the best pastries and hating Times Square, she keeps busy with fashion and just generally being cool.

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